Maintenance contractors in Kent, East Sussex and London


for Refurbishment

We carry out a variety of works from minor interior or exterior alterations to complete major refurbishment works

Responsive Maintenance

for Responsive Maintenance

Our responsive maintenance section carries out a wide range of building maintenance works on both a day work and a measured term contract basis.

Disabled Living Enhancements

for Disabled Living Enhancements

For many years we've provided living enhancements for the less able, carrying out improvement works all over Kent, Sussex and South London.

Thank you all SO MUCH for the care and consideration taken in your workmanship in whatever you do. We can't thank you enough.

Sandells Maintenance Ltd is a building maintenance and refurbishment contractor based in Ashford Kent.

Working with housing associations, businesses, councils, caravan parks and pumping stations - Sandells has a broad range of expertise to help with any situation.